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What Does "HEALTH" Actually Mean and Why are so many people sick, both adults and children?
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Erik Alexander Richter [speaker]

Erik-Alexander Richter is a Clinical Psychic Neuro Immunologist and specialized in biochemistry. He does not fit in one box. He is uniquely able to make connections between illness on the one hand, but also stress, depression, lack of exercise, nutritional problems and especially low-grade inflammation on the other. Erik believes that within this “healthy-aging” concept, everyone, whether or not medically trained, can contribute to other people's health.

Although he mainly teaches therapists and doctors in the field of biochemistry and epigenetics, it just makes sense to work even more on the prevention side. For example, making people aware of what they can do to maintain their health in optimal status, but without a Spartan lifestyle. For this he regularly shares his clear story about health with his mission on stage and in online webinars.

Maurice van der Kant [host]

Maurice van der Kant is founder of and leading the first speakers bureau of Europe. His mission is to empower purpose driven speakers and helping them spreading their story with people like you and me. In doing this Maurice has been connecting many people and stories the world needs to hear to move forward. Especially now it is more important to help people to engage with valuable stories.
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